GrowBibo Syrup

GrowBibo Syrup


Your favorite food supplement for optimizing your kid’s health is now in syrup form! Bibo-fy your kid with iAMFit GrowBibo Syrup. This multivitamin syrup contains

  • CGF Chlorella Growth Factor for height boosting and faster cell rejuvenation
  • Zinc for immunity boosting and better nutrient absorption
  • DHA for brighter eyes and a sharper mind
  • Malungay, a green superfood for stronger immunity and stronger bones
  • Vitamin C for for energy and immunity
  • Vitamin A for optimal eye health
  • Taurine for brain power
  • Lysine for better appetite (“pampagana kumain”)
  • Vitamin B1 for boosting energy levels and protecting nerves from damage and degeneration
  • Vitamin B6 for improving digestion and immunity (it also helps in maintaining good brain function)
  • Vitamin B12 to help fight asthma and improve nerve health. It also helps in the production of healthy red blood cells

This is for kids aged 1-12 years old.

  • 1-9 years old – 2.5 ml or 1/2 teaspoon
  • 10-12 years old – 5 ml or 1 teaspoon

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