iAMFit B-Fit

iAMFit B-Fit


Looking for a supplement with numerous health benefits? Try these power capsules! iAMFit B-Fit contains multivitamins, minerals, Lysine and Taurine. Aside from optimizing nerve health and helping you stay sharp, which it is known for, B-Fit can help you BE FIT in many ways!

    • Body Fit – Abundant in Vitamin C, B-Fit supercharges your immune system making you stronger and healthier.
    • Brain Fit – Rich in Folic Acid, Taurine, Lysine and B12, B-Fit recharges tired brain cells, thereby negating memory loss
    • Bone Fit – Loaded with Calcium, B-Fit helps in stimulating bone tissue repair and maintaining adequate bone density
    • Blood Fit – It supplies the Iron that the body needs, which help in regulating proper blood circulation

Take one to two 500 mg capsules after mealtime.

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